Daily Schedule


The building opens at 8:00 am. Please do not drop off your scholar before 8:00 am. Please follow these protocols to ensure scholar safety. We are not able to provide supervision for scholars before 8:00 am. To ensure safety for our scholars since Ogden  Avenue is a very busy street, we ask families to follow this 8:00 am start time conscientiously.

 Drop and GoParkingEntranceEscorting Scholars
Please pull up to the front of the school and drop your scholar off.If you want to come into the building, please park on the sides of the school.   Do not park in the staff parking lot. There is no parking between the cones in front.All scholars and families must enter the school building through the front entrance on Ogden.   Do not use the Staff Entrance in the back of the building.K-8th grade parents may not escort their scholars to their classrooms in the morning, with the exception of the first day of school (Kindergarten and first grade only).
Legacy Charter School opens 8:00 am
Breakfast is served (K-1 scholars eat in the cafeteria) (2-8 retrieve their breakfast and proceed to their Homerooms to eat) 8:00-8:25 am (LS) 8:15-8:35 am (MS)
Class begins 8:30 am *After 8:30 am, scholars are considered late and must report to the main office for a tardy slip.  


No early dismissals will be permitted after 3:00 pm (M-Th) and 1:00 pm (F) due to end-of-day procedures.

Monday-Thursday dismissal3:25 pm (LS) 3:30 pm (MS)
Friday dismissal1:25 pm (LS) 1:30 pm (MS)
    -Enter on Ogden (Main Entrance)       -Carole Robertson staff will bring the scholar to the front door. The caregiver who signs out scholar must be at least 16 years of age.-Dismissed from Gym   -Caregiver Enter gym on the corner of Ogden and Christiana   -Scholars must be signed out   -Exit through the opposite door-Dismissed from Gym    -Dismissed with homeroom teacher from Spaulding or Ogden entrance.   -Scholars picking up siblings must enter the gym inside and exit the north gym doors.   -Walkers and Bus riders should use the crosswalk at Ogden and Homan to safely cross the street.