Our Mission

Our mission is to be an outstanding center for teaching and learning for children and their families that recognizes and nurtures the full potential of every child, provides a foundation for a college education, and educates our scholars to be creative and critical thinkers and responsible citizens in school, at home, and in the broader community.

Our core believes that:

  • A high quality education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty and to empowering individuals to lead meaningful and constructive lives in the 21st Century.
  • A high quality education will have the greatest impact if it starts at a very early age, embraces the individual learning styles of each child, and emphasizes personal, as well as academic, growth that focuses on the whole child.
  • In the 21st Century, people with a college education will continue to have far more choices and opportunities; therefore elementary education should motivate and begin to prepare scholars for success in college.
  • A high quality education must teach the foundations of a just society, ethics, and values that prepare and encourage scholars to participate in the global community with wisdom, understanding, and honesty.
  • A high quality education must prepare scholars to be life-long learners and independent thinkers, who can apply knowledge from many disciplines to solve problems arising in an ever-changing world.
  • The active support and participation of the child’s family is critical to a high quality education; therefore, Legacy Charter School will provide resources to engage and educate the parents and family.

More specifically, at Legacy:

  • CULTURE – Our collaborative learning community creates a culture of respect for all participants and a passion for learning as scholars, teachers, staff, and families work together to nurture each scholar’s intellectual and social growth. Our high expectations for our scholars, teachers, staff, and families are clearly communicated.
  • FOR SCHOLARS – Our environment is socially, emotionally, and physically safe to nurture each child’s confidence, self-esteem, and relationship to others. We educate our scholars to recognize, understand, and communicate diverse perspectives, and be constructive leaders.
  • FOR TEACHERS – Our teachers are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions representative of the highest teaching standards. Our teachers are deeply committed to every scholar’s ability to achieve and to make a positive contribution to their families and community. There is an intensive emphasis on ongoing professional development and our teachers are active contributors to the professional educational community.
  • FOR FAMILIES – We expect families to be actively involved in the school and make a significant contribution to their children’s education by supporting learning in school and reinforcing and continuing it at home. To support families in doing this, the school provides, either directly or through educational alliances, adult education and other learning opportunities.
  • CURRICULUM – The goal of our curriculum is to develop in each child enthusiasm for learning, independence, resilience, competence, and global awareness that will be the foundation for life-time achievement and for positive self-image. Our comprehensive, college-preparatory curriculum is rigorous and reflects the highest national and state standards in each content area. Instruction reflects current research, is strategic, and recognizes a scholar’s strengths, needs, and individual learning style.
  • COMMUNITY – We partner with community service organizations to provide scholars and their families access to necessary wrap-around support and services. We expand our scholars’ horizons through mentoring, field trips, community service, experiential learning, and other similar programs.
  • TECHNOLOGY – We creatively employ the best technology in support and furtherance of our goals, using technology to enhance the school’s ability to respond to each child’s individual needs and broaden our scholars’ worldview. We also teach our scholars to understand and use technology responsibly.